Coaching services

We provide individual coaching, executive coaching and team coaching and we organize different coaching workshops, adapted to the defined objectives.
All coaching processes start with a zero session to clarify the process procedures and its ethics as well as the coach and the coachee responsibilities. The zero session is always free of charge and it doesn’t imply any contract compromise between the coach and the coachee.


Coaching for you

In the coaching process, you are responsible for your life, for your development and for your work. You have, within yourself, the resources to achieve your goals. The results come from your intentions, choices and actions. All the coaching work is based on your individuality, taking into account your values, your creativity and your capacity for change. If you are looking for a professional and reliable partnership, you will benefit from a coaching process.


Coaching for all

Coaching is a partnership between two persons who work together to achieve the results that the coachee chooses at the beginning of the process. Finding a way, defining it and pursuing on a road of accomplishment is a continuous work accompanied by the coaching professional, that concludes an individual and unique path of the coachee.


Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a process of developing leaders. It also addresses personal issues. However, it differs from individual coaching, since the main objective is the acquisition and improvement of competencies that prove beneficial to all parts of an organization.


Team coaching

It is a process of group development. It is directed at people that work together and need to integrate, as a whole, what they are individually, to discover their potential as members of a team, to be capable of offering and receiving valuable skills for the benefit of the team. The objective of team coaching is the development of group skills, establishment of goals to be achieved, sharing a vision, alignment of values, as well as other organizational issues that can contribute towards the balance of the team.