A dream is not a goal

We often dream of becoming others, of having things, of making trips, of making lots of money. We dream as if the dream was impossible to achieve. And it is. The dream is a kind of mirage that we invent to make ourselves feel better, to rise to a space that is not our own and to make us think that being there could be very good. And we continue with dreams as companions, waiting for the conditions to be fulfilled, for others to help us, for the world to push us. To dream is to place in the future the wishes we have and that, for whatever reason, are not sufficient, not enough, are short and show us the smallness and the fragility in which we live.

Like the dream that happens during sleep, it always seems impossible for the reality to coincide with the mental construction that we insist on creating, but which does not serve for more than an animated conversation between friends on a beachside café. The dream can be an escape from our reality, a way of not seeing what is insufficient. We believe that dreaming we cannot get anywhere, but we insist, as if it was a game.

When the dream becomes a goal we start to believe in the possibility, the reality starts to be clear, and the clarity of the way we can work to achieve that in which we believe is ever bigger.

When the dream becomes a goal we start to believe in the possibility, the reality starts to be clear

When the dream becomes a goal it starts to grow, within us, a desire of doing that surpasses the soft feeling of dreaming with friends at the beachside; we begin to deal with our lives, to take the first steps and to make the first phone call, the path begins to be drawn from the first goal and we discover that it is possible because we realize that the difference between the dream and the goal is that the former is oneiric, while the latter is as real as my ability to accomplish it.

Paula Capaz