«I confirm that the coaching work is an important and very appropriate tool for the actual times. After the session I better realized that it is a work to strengthen convergences by using “fine-tuned” instruments, such as an experienced acupuncture needle. I emphasize the importance of providing moments of realignments (biographical, but not only…) of the active listening (coach and coachee) and of the structuring trust relationship of a more positive and active positioning. I believe that it is intended “for everyone”, for different professional or age groups… I emphasize the “educators” (parents, teachers…) who are confronted every day with questions and decisions that arise during adolescence; the “academics” (at any stage of their career) and all the situations (professionals, but not only) in which the confrontation with the Other occurs daily and is constant. It became clear that the transformations act just as concentric waves echoing far beyond the central coach-coachee relationship. For all of this, I wish the greatest successes for the project, because I believe that more humane interactions and a more comprehensive society is also what is proposed from this nucleus (and this is already the vision of a sociologist…)»

«Coaching is an excellent tool for anyone who sets new personal or professional goals and seeks for a way to reach them. Throughout the coaching sessions I felt that each one helped me to consider new points of view of the problems or issues I had in mind. Verbalizing those problems or issues and talking about them with my coach helped me at that moment to have new perspectives and thus to define a clearer path to what I wanted and how to achieve it.»

«It was in a comfortable and trustworthy environment that I started my Coaching process. I was able to listen to myself efficiently, without leaks, distractions or delays, with someone focused on me and on my goal, in an extremely professional way and in total acceptance. During the various sessions I discovered what was keeping me from acting in order to achieve my goal. The growth work continues, it will last for life, but this work allowed me to take great steps forward.»

«It was undoubtedly the greatest of the introspections I have ever had in my life, to look inside is not easy and to think about ourselves is very difficult, and Paula Capaz managed me to do it in a very natural way. It was undoubtedly a great growth as a person, which will last forever. Thank you.»

«I started with my proverbial skepticism. Not only of someone who has some reservations about these therapies, but also of someone who have already tried several aids without noticeable success. It did not take long, however, during the first session to be open-minded and willing to be helped. And I found myself using this help as an incentive to speed up my self-analysis process. I finished the coaching focused on improving myself in the areas I decided to approach. I do not think I could have done it by myself. No, certainly, in such a short time. Thank you.»

«The coaching process we had can be summarized with the following sentence: obtaining dynamics and solutions to harmonize the projects and relationships in which we are involved.»

«I started by hearing about “coaching” as a personal development technique! I decided to give it a try, with hope! It turned out to be an excellent help because, during the uncertainty of what would be the best course of action in a situation, it allowed me to wisely direct my choice to what I ended up considering to be more balanced. The coaching leads us to separate the accessory from the essential, to simplify and to define in a phased way the resolution of an issue. It was a very liberating and clarifying experience! In the end, it turned out to be reassuring!»

«Coaching helped me to progress personally with the right methods. I could not be more pleased because it was what I needed and what I wanted. Highly recommend. Thank you very much.»

«Coaching guided me, gave me a new direction, pointed me in a direction, and now puts me closer to a place I had long sought. With resilience, determination and overcoming, I managed, for now, to find THAT way. I am eternally grateful to my coach for his endless patience and for never giving up on me.»

Teachers’ testimonies

«I became aware that communicating is the basis of a relationship, so it is necessary to understand its codes and functionality. The discovery of the personality profile and how can that improve our relationship, by knowing myself and knowing the others.»

«I became aware of the importance of clarifying fundamental concepts and processes that, while being used by us, are absolutely classified in coaching.»

«The sessions gave me tools for self-knowledge.»

«It was important to be equipped with numerous new tools to communicate better, in a more harmonious, balanced and sustainable way, and to make a more realistic learning of self-knowledge.»

«I learned to think before acting, moderating my way of communication in less pleasant situations.»

«The most important was to be aware of the NVC (non-violent communication), regretting that there were no further training sessions for possible error correction.»

«It was important the knowledge about the subject, remaining the curiosity and the motivation to deepen it, given that, besides the name, little more was known. The moments of reflection and sharing were very gratifying.»

«I became aware of one more tool to improve the personal and professional relationships.»

«It was very useful to get to know and reflect on the issues of communication and to find out that there are other strategies for resolving conflicts.»

«It was a challenge to try to understand the others, but firstly myself as a person and what were the goals to be achieved in my daily life.»