Three women and coaching

Coaching-pt is a project that was born out of the need and the curiosity of three women at different stages of life. Three coaching classmates who, while working in peer group, realized that they could go beyond their offices and their personal sharings. Coaching has been a passion ever since the first class and, therefore, they have developed ways to publicize it and to work with it. They combined forces and achieved projects. Workshops aimed at teachers and general public were held in Lisbon with high acceptance.

Workshops aimed at teachers and general public were held in Lisbon with high acceptance.

They believe that Coaching is a path of personal development, learning and sharing. They often share the already cemented idea that once you enter you do not leave, you do not leave that constant attitude of wanting to discover within yourself the answers to the great questions of life or simply to the small questions of everyday life. Starting from the relationship with family, colleagues or friends, the attitude does not go away after having learned to live with it and to realize that it eases life.

Coaching is a process in which you enter, a path that you train and that makes you grow. The three women in Coaching-pt are different and they know that together they can do more and better for coaching, with themselves and with the others. The focus on individual Coaching and the development and interest in teams Coaching brings to the group countless challenges. Challenges that they propose to accept in order to grow as professionals with certification of ICF (International Coach Federation), an entity to which they belong and in which they believe.

Three women with a common project, with the belief that it is necessary to make it happen and with the will to facilitate paths of discovery and change.

Paula Capaz